Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Little Nephew

It was all making sense now. We needed to get a bath because we had a big event coming up. Erin took us to see her new little nephew. I guess I could handle a bath for that. So we got packed and on the plane we went. We took a red eye and got in MN at 5:20am. It was tough, but worth it. We got to see the little nephew. He was really cute but kind of slobbery.

This end seems safer...right?

And then there was a case of mistake identity. Somehow someone thought that we were crib plush animals. I can understand the mistake but that didn't help much. It was really scary. We're not trained for that kind of work. Boy I wish Roger was here to show us how to get out. But luckily Erin saved us. She kept us close by for the rest of the trip.

We know our rights; we want our phone call.


Karin said...

He does have a cheetah guarding his top half.

Beth said...

who were you going to call?

Justin said...

Is that cheetah guarding or mauling? The world may never know.

John said...

Did he count the sheep to help fall asleep?

Erin said...

I don't think so John. Dj's fraction might be a little hard for him. :) Maybe in another month when he is 3 months old. :)

Sheepy said...

Beth Beth - Um...Ghostbuster. Who else?

Justin - Whatever it was working.