Friday, October 29, 2010

I Do

Heart as a Bride.

Heart is a pink pony. She is loved by our little friend Anja. (Anja also watches over Pink Bear...we get the impression that Anja likes pink therapy buddies.) Heart is wearing the costume that Heart says she has "been (forced) to wear on several occasions so that I could be married to William's monkey. To a monkey!!" We feel your pain, Heart. Thanks for sharing and coming to the parade!

Heart's favorite movie Halloween/scary movie is Beetlejuice. Why? Because of the exorcism scenes at the end where they use the wedding dress. (The part where they take over the family and make them dance and sing!)


Riley said...

You are right, Anja's therapy buddies tend to be pink in color. :) I just hope she doesn't turn US pink for Halloween next year!

Erin said...

On the farm, we used to dye our sheep and white calves pastels for Easter. It slowed down traffic. Maybe we can do that for you sheep! Hehe.