Friday, October 29, 2010

Come out! Or we'll poke your eyeballs out!

Hawkeye as Makkuro Kurosuke

Hawkeye is dressed as a Makkuro Kurosuke this year for the Halloween Costume Parade. Makkuro Kurosuke (also known as Susuwatari) are the pitch black dust bunnies from the movie Tonari no Totoro - better known as My Neighbor Totoro in the US. Hawkeye, you make a great dust bunny! Thanks for joining the parade!

Hawkeye's favorite scary movie is Scream, because Hawkeye loves to Scream while cheering on the Hawks. We're with you Hawkeye, GO IOWA!

(If your wondering about the title of this entry it is what Satsuki and Mei shout at Makkuro Kurosuke to make him come out. I like it.)


Erin said...

Hawkeye, you make a great dust bunny. Maybe you can visit me in your costume and clean out the nooks of my house. Take the rest of the dust with you!

Justin said...

I'll second that request. Although around here its more dog hair than dust persay.

But I love the costume.

Riley said...

Yeah, we actually tried to use Hawkeye for that, but Jenni got mad at us. Maybe you'll have better luck?