Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Watch Out for That Tree!

Aerin as Tarzan

Swinging into the parade is our next entire, Aerin. Aerin is dressed up as Tarzan this year for Halloween. Amongst the ivy, you can find Aerin wearing a leopard skin costume in style. Thanks, Aerin, for stopping by to show us the ropes.

Aerin's favorite horror movie is The Emerald Jungle
(aka Eaten Alive, Doomed to Die) (Warning: the trailer of this movie is horrific both in the fact that it shows people being eaten alive and in the fact that it was filmed in the 1980's. Watch at your own risk.)


Erin said...

Aerin, you can even make rags look sexy. Good job.

John said...

Nice Aerin, but I am more than a little disturbed by your movie choice!

Justin said...

I think that movie may be a reflection of Aerin's fear of living with 3 dogs.