Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Magic Jolly Mäh

Jolly Mäh as Magician

Our next entry comes all the way from Spain to partake in the festivities. Jolly Mäh, from Raquel's blog Mis peluches Nici, decided to be a Magician, like Harry Potter, for Halloween. He is trying really hard to make a few tricks happen with his crystal ball. What do you think will happen?


We think he is trying to fill up his pumpkins with candy. Or maybe, Jolly Mäh will get his favorite movie to start playing. Jolly Mäh likes THE EXORCIST! We're scared! If Jolly Mäh conjure up that movie, we're going to go hide in our room until it is over!

The parade will start again, just as soon as we are no longer scared and we crawl out from under our sheets.


Erin said...

I'll be right there, hiding under the sheets with the sheep if The Exorcist starts playing by itself!

Andi said...

Awe, how cute! My Nici's are in love! :)

Justin said...

Great costume. I'll take some dark chocolate if you want to conjure some of that up for me.

Raquel said...

Thank you very much :))
We love dark chocolate for our conjures, hehehe, and a huge can of pop-corn to watch The Exorcist, heheheee ;-)