Thursday, October 14, 2010

Slumbering Shepherdess

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Costume Parade! This year we are starting off a little earlier due to the great number of entries. To kick off this year's festivities we are announcing our first ever Costume Parade Grand Marshal. This is a very important role as this position is responsible for leading the way and setting the stage for the rest of the parade entries. A parade that we hope you enjoy and brings in the Halloween season as a safe and fun holiday for all!

With out further ado we are proud to announce that this year's Grand Marshal is Shaun the Sheep as Little Bo Peep! As we all know, Shaun the Sheep is a huge sheep celebrity and we are always honored to have such a iconic sheep in our parade.

Shaun the Sheep as Little Bo Peep

Shaun chose to dress up as Little Bo Peep for Halloween this year in Iowa. Shaun is wearing the latest fashion in sheperdess and is accessorizing with a lovely white gold crook. Shaun is all ready to lead the sheep in the parade...just as soon as they can be located. No worries, Shaun. We are sure the sheep will follow shortly, wagging their tails behind them.

Shaun's favorite Halloween movie is Things That Go Bump... yes, it's a Shaun the Sheep episode! As Shaun likes to point out, all good videos include talented sheep. Thanks Shaun for being this year's parade Grand Marshal!

(If you would like to participate in the parade, please send entries to Sheep.4225SC (at) Please, only one sheep (or whatever plush animal that provides you with therapy) per picture. And remember to provide explanation of costume if needed, general location, and favorite Halloween /Scary movie title.)


Justin said...

Wow only the second annual running and Sean the sheep visits. How will we ever top this in the future

Riley said...

Seriously! We're going to have to work hard to make this an awesome parade so that Shaun will come back next year!

Erin said...

Yes, and such a cute costume.

Taylor said...

Pfft!! Only Shaun the sheep, can't you all do any better. Next year I want a real international celebrity like Lamb Chop.

Oh and Aerin, now that's a rack

Erin said...

Taylor- don't hold your breath for a Lamb Chop showing. Unless you want to see a real zombie.

Aerin- Don't listen to Taylor. Your picture was lovely.