Thursday, October 28, 2010

Coming to America

Chris as Lady Liberty

Chris was feeling a little patriotic this year. Thus decided to go as one of the great icons of America, The Statue of Liberty. Chris stands at 11 inches, only 151 feet shorter than the real Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World but with as much heart. Chris enters the parade today on the 124th anniversary of the real statues' dedication. Thanks for joining our parade today Chris and for giving us a walk through the history books.

When Chris isn't holding a torch for America or a torch under D.J. and Jesse, the little sheep is watch a favorite scary movie; The Tale of Sweeney Todd starring Sir Ben Kingsley. Good, classic choice, Chris.


Raquel said...

She is just the same as Liberty!!!

Erin said...

Thanks Raquel. Chris always ask for the hardest of costumes.

Riley said...

This is AWESOME! Great job!

Justin said...

Someone must have a low fear threshold. Never thought of Sweeny Todd as a scary movie, or maybe I'm just demented.

Erin said...

I vote demented.