Saturday, October 16, 2010

Is there a doctor in the house?

Riley as an important doctor

Riley, one of your youngest sheep on the blog, has issues with being the baby of the family, so Riley decided to be something respectable for Halloween... Something that takes brains and an education - a doctor! And Riley is in the house and in the parade with this amazing costume. So believable. Thanks Riley for being on call in the parade!

Riley's favorite movie is Clifford's Halloween - Boo! Riley wants to be big and strong, so what could be better to idolize than a big red dog?


Justin said...

Very cute Riley, not sure pacifiers are allowed in the OR, but you keep working on it. Some day you'll get there.

Erin said... cute. But no I don't think you can have a pacifier in the OR. But maybe if you work with Justin, he'll let it slide, just for you.